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5 Interior Design Mistakes That Make Your Home Appear Smaller

The what and why – Unveiling the interior design mistakes that make your space seem tiny

Home is a haven designed with love and creativity, regardless of size. Seasoned interior designers use practical techniques to give even the smaller spaces an illusion of spacious surroundings. However, some worst interior design mistakes can make a spacious place look smaller. Whether you are looking to remodel or incorporate trendy design ideas into your space, here are common interior design mistakes you need to avoid.

Opting For Oversized Furniture

  • Choosing oversized furniture is one of the biggest home décor mistakes that make a space look smaller. For instance, placing a large sofa in a small room is impractical for moving around and creates the perception of a smaller space. The key to creating the illusion of a larger space is considering the scale and dimensions of your room when introducing items into it.

A useful guideline when selecting a sofa is to ensure it doesn’t exceed two-thirds of your wall length. This principle applies to selecting artwork or even when choosing a TV. Instead of choosing big, choose furniture and decor that align with your style and maintain proportionality to the room’s scale. This approach contributes to making your home elegant and spacious.

Placing Furniture Against the Wall

  • A common error often observed is the practice of positioning all furniture against the wall in an attempt to create space in the room’s center. Although it might appear to be a practical solution and provide a sense of openness, visually, this approach can diminish the overall space’s look and feel.

Many interior designers prefer leaving a slight gap between the wall and the furniture instead of pushing furniture against the wall. This intentional spacing introduces a subtle shadow effect, offering the room a sense of depth through illusion and contributing to enhanced spaciousness.

Opting for Vibrant Wall Hues

  • While the bright and bold shades can add a lively touch to a room, using them as the primary wall color can make your space look smaller. This is attributed to the intense pigments of bright colors, which tend to saturate a space, making it feel smaller.

A preferable approach involves incorporating bright colors into interior decor elements. Consider utilizing a vibrant color palette for items like throw pillows, artwork, and accessories against a neutral or muted wall backdrop. This strategy adds vibrancy to the room without compromising the perception of spaciousness.

Neglecting Wall Art

  • interior design mistakesBare walls can be worse to the overall appearance of a room than walls cluttered with decor. While moderation is key to avoiding an overcrowded look, displaying art is highly advantageous, especially in smaller spaces.

The artwork acts as a transformative element, enhancing the visual appeal of a wall by introducing brightness, depth, and balance to the interior space. It contributes to the room’s color palette, mitigating any contrasting effects of furniture or other decor elements.

Overlooking Lighting

  • Lighting plays a substantial role in interior design, significantly influencing a room’s perceived size and atmosphere. In rooms with limited natural light, like those facing north, clever techniques exist to create the illusion of a more expansive and brighter space.

Strategically placed mirrors can reflect light, imparting a sense of airiness. Another approach involves incorporating layered lighting using different sources like lamps, fairy lights, and strip LEDs to add depth. Steer clear of harsh overhead lighting, as it can create a flat and cramped appearance in your home.

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