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A Guide to Renovating Your Home

The Perfect Transformation: A Guide to Renovating Your Home Are you thinking about upgrading your home, or considering a home renovation? Renovating your home is such an exciting time, homeowners get an opportunity to build their home with new life, with new colors and bright new ideas! Whether you’re looking to update a single room […]

Full service interior design

“Every home has its own pulse. If you live in it for a while, it will tell you what it wants to be.” You feel your home is missing something, and are ready for a refresh in your space. You have now started your search for professional interior designer, and you are now wondering what […]

The Best Floor Tile Patterns You Have To Know

THE BEST FLOOR TILE PATTERNS YOU HAVE TO KNOW Tile pattern is just as important as the materials and colors you choose for your space. At House and Harmony Interior Design Studio, in San Diego, CA, we like to advice our clients of the options available when installing their tile, in connection to their overall […]

How To Buy The Best Rug

Rugs are a very important piece in your project. They add warmth, color, and style. Additionally, they also serve a purpose for functionality. They help maintain and protect floors, and can even help draw out noise. When it comes to selecting the right rug, this may seem like a daunting task. How to make the […]

The Best Kitchen Countertops

Are you considering new countertops for your kitchen or bath? Countertops play a huge role in the overall design of your kitchen or bath renovation. Pick a countertop that will be compatible with the way live and the way you use your space. Every client I know wants something gorgeous, but they always ask for […]

A Multi-functional and Organized Home

Our current times are different than what we had anticipated 2020 would bring. I was expecting more business growth, dance recitals and soccer and baseball tournaments, girl trips to Palm Springs, and a fun summer at the beach with my kids. Things have taken an interesting turn, and we are all doing the best we […]

Decorate Your Home With Things You Already Own

Now more than ever we are turning to our homes for shelter, and refuge. The recent events have us stuck at home, waiting to get back to our lives. Things have changed a lot in just a couple of weeks. We are now confined to our homes, working and living in the same spaces, and […]

Kids and Pet Friendly Performance Fabrics

Have you been wondering if NOW would the best time to upgrade your furniture? Or, better yet are you waiting for the kids to graduate from high school before you take the plunge? Don’t laugh, but this is top of mind and a real concern, for many of my clients with kids and pets. Why […]

The Ultimate Guide To Glam Your Bedroom

Glam style is a modern take on old Hollywood regency interior design style. This style is grand, luxurious, and elegant. Details reign the space from floor to ceiling. Metal surfaces and mirrors shimmer and sparkled from every corner. Geometric shapes and patterns accent the walls, and furniture details. Soft luxurious fabrics are used in luxurious […]

2020 Trends from Market

Some of the trends we saw in the Sherwin Williams color forecast are still evolving and going strong. (You can read more about SW’s 2020 forecast here. ) The color palettes focused on play, mantra, heart, haven, and alive. The main influences are to live a more intentional life in a hectic world, through fun, […]