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Small Space Decoration: Tips From The Pros

How to make a big impact with small space decoration – Expert advice

Decoration of small spaces often comes with challenges. Maintaining a balance between maximizing space and maintaining an uncluttered feel can be a complex puzzle. However, achieving a stylish look in small spaces is entirely possible. Whether you are settling in a studio apartment or opting for a minimalist lifestyle, this article provides tips from the pros to help you decorate your small space.

Keep the Floor Clear

  • While essential items need space, there is no point in perfectly decorating a small room if you can’t walk in it. One way to balance decorations while saving space is to use floating pieces such as shelves and nightstands.

Floating pieces keep the ground clear, creating additional space for storage beneath them. To keep the floor clear and looking spacious, you can opt for wall lights and scones instead of floor lamps.

Maintain Cohesion

  • Visual clutter can quickly overwhelm a small space. Ensure cohesion by ensuring all elements complement each other. Consider a restricted color scheme, whether it leans towards a light and airy aesthetic or a darker, more dramatic vibe. When selecting items, ensure each piece contributes meaningfully, preventing the space from feeling cluttered.

Install Foldable Furnishings

  • Items like a desk and a dining table are essential, but you don’t need them all the time. Instead of having furniture that takes up space all the time, consider installing folding pieces that can fold up when not in use. This allows you to free your floor space and avoid unintentional stacking of mail or work on these surfaces.

Emphasize Lighting

  • In compact spaces, inadequate natural light from small or absent windows can create a sense of darkness. Compensate for this by installing numerous light sources throughout each room, whether it’s the kitchen or bedroom.

Use eye-catching ceiling fixtures. Depending on the ceiling height, you can also opt for a charming pendant or a sophisticated one. Moreover, sconces or table lamps create a warm and luminous ambiance.

Use Mirrors

  • In spaces where natural light is limited, mirrors are useful tools, maximizing the available light by bouncing it throughout the room. Moreover, mirrors can create the illusion of expansiveness, making the space appear larger and more airy.

Selecting the Perfect Rug

  • When it comes to rugs, size matters significantly. Opting for a rug that’s too small can shrink the perceived size of the room. Instead, choose a floor covering spacious enough to accommodate most, if not all, of the furniture, or consider wall-to-wall carpeting for a cohesive look.

Experiment with Bold Colors

  • Don’t let the constraints of a small space limit your creativity. Despite its size, your apartment can still exude personality and vibrancy. Experiment with bold colors and embrace your living space’s uniqueness. Consider opting for darker hues for the walls and ceiling to create an intimate and luxurious feel.

Allow Furniture to Breathe

  • small space decorationA telltale sign of limited space is furniture crammed against walls or tightly clustered together. Create a sense of openness by pulling furnishings away from the walls and ensuring there’s enough space between pieces. This may involve removing non-essential items, such as side tables or accent chairs, that aren’t utilized on a daily basis.

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