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Smart Tips For Decorating Larger Spaces

How to make the most of your expansive areas – Smart tips for decorating larger spaces

Large spaces bring an airy feel and expansiveness to your homes. However, making the most of a large living room involves thoughtful decoration and strategic layout planning. We have highlighted smart tips to help you make the best of your large living space. Keep reading to learn more.

Establish Functional Zones

  • Larger living rooms allow you to include multiple conversation zones with additional areas like a reading nook or workspace. Integrating several conversation areas in a spacious living room effectively divides the space and brings a sense of intimacy to smaller zones.

Place two couches facing each other with a coffee table in between to create a refined layout that warmly welcomes guests into the room. Utilize a unified color scheme and complementary design elements to ensure coherence across your conversation areas.

Create Visual Dividers

  • The primary challenge in expansive spaces with open-concept designs lies in the flow between rooms, which often results in a lack of distinct separation. However, creating visual dividers between areas adds an intentional touch, giving purpose to every corner of the space. Anchoring the room with a large area rug serves to define each zone.

Additionally, strategically positioning furniture such as a sofa with its back to another space, a bench, or tables placed between chairs contributes to the segmentation of the room. Using furniture and rugs helps delineate zones while giving each area its unique feel.

Consider Scale

  • In large living rooms, it’s crucial to match the scale of furnishings with the room’s proportions. Overcrowding the space with numerous small pieces can result in a cluttered and disjointed appearance.

Opting for large furniture pieces such as an extra-long sectional, dual sofa, a spacious coffee table, and bulky built-ins effectively fills the room without overwhelming it.

Create a Focal Point

  • While some rooms naturally feature focal points like striking fireplaces or scenic views, others may lack such elements. In such cases, the absence of a focal point can make the space look even larger, resulting in a dull ambiance.

Add attention-grabbing, large-scale statement pieces like a majestic chandelier, oversized artwork, or a statement wall to attract attention. A modern entertainment center serves as an excellent addition to a large living room, concealing electronic cords, providing additional storage space, and displaying cherished decor pieces.

Warm Up the Space

  • Utilizing colors and patterns effectively breaks up vast expanses of space in a large living room. Creating a board-and-batten wall and painting it in a warm, neutral hue gives the space a snug and cozy feel. Additionally, painting a high ceiling a shade or two darker than the walls accentuates the height and creates a more intimate atmosphere.

In addition, layering area rugs, hanging curtains, and incorporating baskets contribute to sound absorption and soften the room’s aesthetic.

Embrace Boldness

  • decorating larger spacesUnlike smaller spaces, which may feel overwhelmed by bold decor, a large living room can effortlessly accommodate over-the-top design elements. Introduce a statement couch, printed rug, dramatic chandelier, and decorative coffee tables to make a striking impact.

Balance tints and tones throughout the space to maintain cohesion. Moreover, artwork and accessories should also make a bold statement. Group larger pieces together on a gallery wall to create an even more attractive visual display.

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