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The Best Floor Tile Patterns You Have To Know


Tile pattern is just as important as the materials and colors you choose for your space. At House and Harmony Interior Design Studio, in San Diego, CA, we like to advice our clients of the options available when installing their tile, in connection to their overall design and size of their space. If you are doing a kitchen or bath renovation, and now have gotten through the exciting part of selecting your gorgeous new tile. Now you want to consider the most favorable direction to set the tile in your space. What pattern will you use? The pattern you choose will say so much about your space, your taste and style, will it be simple and unpretentious, or will it be trendy and make a bold statement.

The most commonly used tile sets are the grid, brick and the off-set look. Let’s take a look at their differences.


Tiles are stacked one above the other making simple grid lines. This look is simple, clean and modern. The girds create a visual focus from top to bottom, making the space seem taller. The grid or stack pattern is easy to do, and more commonly used. This is a safe choice, but a classic one that goes well with any design style.


Also commonly used, the off-set pattern is a great way to incorporate texture in your flooring. The tiles are set at one third off from the rows directly below and above. It creates a stunning diagonal effect. Great for most design styles.


The vertical stack can be used as a visual tool to create the illusions of a taller space if installed on walls, and longer if installed on the floors. If you are working with a small size room, this is a good looking pattern, and great option to enhance your space.


Diagonally set tiles, or set in diamond pattern, are made by setting the tiles at a 45 degree angle. The diamond pattern is a very effective way to open up your space. It creates the illusion of rooms being wider than they actually are. Ideal for bathrooms and small spaces.


The checker board pattern are sophisticated and glamorous, but one so seen English cottage style kitchens and retro spaces. This pattern is achieved with the offset of two tile colors, typically black and white, but a modern take on this is gray and white. This pattern is impactful, and will be a statement piece in your design, so these floors are usually considered for kitchen and bathrooms, where the rest of the design in the space can be controlled in a more simplified look. This bold pattern not only adds luxury and style, but is a dynamic look, and give your space more depth, making it look much bigger that it may be.


Chevron patterns are so popular now. The design is created with an inverted V that meets at the ends, creating a zig zag shape. It’s a gorgeous chic pattern, which will expand the room visually, making it appear wider and longer. Chevron patterns can be impactful, use it in all one color for texture, or alternating colors for a more impactful glamorous look.


Herringbone is another very popular trend right now. Although, this pattern requires most cuts than any other pattern, the fabulous looks of it are totally worth it. This pattern is so complimentary, it will elevate any space, with it’s unique luxurious lines and detail. Playing with color, you can be as subtle and as bold as you want it to be. Although, the look can be stylish, you can also achieve a timeless and classic look.


It can be more playful and fun, and great for statement walls, or floors. The designs with hexagons is more creative, and impactful. Hexagon tiles used to be popular back in the 20s and 30s, and have never really gone away. You can now find them in modern spaces in stunning colors and finishes, and in variety of sizes. Great for choice for bathrooms.


This is a fun pattern, which resembles an actual straw basket weave. Born from the Art Deco era, this intricate and ornate pattern is a great look for powder rooms and kitchens. This another dynamic and flexible pattern, and a great option for traditional and modern spaces.


Claudia Davis | Owner, Interior Designer | House and Harmony Interior Design Studio

Claudia Davis is a native of San Diego, California, and longtime resident of the beautiful coastal community of Carlsbad. She created House and Harmony with the desire to make interior design services more accessible. She loves to create functional and stylish, practical and luxurious spaces.

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