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The Ultimate Guide To Glam Your Bedroom

Glam style is a modern take on old Hollywood regency interior design style. This style is grand, luxurious, and elegant. Details reign the space from floor to ceiling. Metal surfaces and mirrors shimmer and sparkled from every corner. Geometric shapes and patterns accent the walls, and furniture details. Soft luxurious fabrics are used in luxurious furniture and window treatments.

Glam is like the hip daughter of the Hollywood Regency period. Glam style is luxurious and feminine, but less formal. It’s elegant, but more airy and comfortable. Are you ready to glam up your space? Let’s do this!

How to add glam to your bedroom

1. Choose subtle color palettes for your bedroom to promote rest and relaxation. Use colors that will complement high doses of gold and metallic details in your space, like rose golds, grays and creams. I like SW 9085, or SW 6022, for a more refined glam and feminine look.

2. Bridge comfort and luxury in your bedroom. Glam is about mixing patterns and surfaces to create a luxurious environment. Upholstered headboards and benches add warmth and style. Elevate your style by going with tufted pieces, they add a touch of luxury to your space.

3. Use luxurious fabrics wherever possible in your space, from velvet, faux furs, and silk. These fabrics are soft and inviting, and make your space look more refined and elegant.

4. Glam can be more ornate, but it’s also polished and sophisticated. Use ornate mirrors, tables, furniture pieces, and patterns in wall coverings and textiles.

5. Make room for pretty accents in your bed like throw pillows. Look for faux fur, silk, and sequence for a little extra touch of luxury.

6. Glam would not be glam if you didn’t add all those shimmery objects in the space that make it sparkle and shine. Go all out- use mirrored furniture, furniture with metal bases and frames, mirrors, and glass as much as possible in your space.

7. Use lighting to create a more sophisticated environment. Use table lamps on your bedside tables, and a beautiful glass chandelier for drama and glam.

8. Don’t forget the details like glass decorative accents, candles, and flowers. They add a touch of glam and femininity into the space making it look romantic and luxurious.

Claudia Davis | Owner, Interior Designer | House and Harmony Design Studio

Claudia Davis is a native of San Diego, California, and longtime resident of the beautiful coastal community of Carlsbad. She created House and Harmony with the desire to make interior design services more accessible. She loves to create functional and stylish, practical and luxurious spaces.

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