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In-Home Consultation

Choosing paint color is one of the most important decisions you will make in your design project. The color you choose will transform your space. It will set the mood, highlight focal areas and architectural elements of your home, unify the design, and enhance your space.
However, color is complicated! Finding just the right shade can seem like an endless task, and choosing the wrong paint color can be expensive. Because Color is Complicated and Mistakes Expensive!
As a trained and Certified Color Expert, I will take all the guessing work out of color. I will identify the points of inspiration and focal areas of your home, and I will create a complimentary color palette. I will make recommendations on areas to improve to get the most value for your home. I will even provide you with large paint sheets to keep so you can live with the suggested color palette before you hire the painter. Don’t play the guessing game. Make an appointment today!
Q: Are You Ready to Make Your Home Color Perfect?
A: I am too. Let’s do this!

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