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Decluttering Your Living Room: Furniture Items To Remove For More Space

Maximize your space – Say goodbye to clutter with these furniture items to remove for more space

Living rooms serve multiple purposes in our homes, from family gatherings to quiet mornings and entertaining guests. However, overcrowding a living room with unnecessary furniture can make it feel cramped and dysfunctional. We have listed unnecessary pieces of furniture you can remove from your living room to enhance its space and functionality. Keep reading to learn more.

Large Central Coffee Tables

  • Big central coffee tables have long been considered a traditional staple in living rooms. However, they can be unnecessary in certain spaces. They block walkways and attract clutter. According to professional interior designers, these large coffee tables often contribute to visual chaos by piling up books, magazines, and miscellaneous items.

Instead, designers suggest opting for a few side tables within reach of each seat or utilizing nesting tables, offering similar functionality while occupying less floor space.

Formal Armchairs

  • While placing a sofa is a must in your living room setup, interior designers suggest reconsidering the necessity of armchairs. Although a matching pair of armchairs may seem attractive, they often go unused.

The space they occupy could be better utilized with more practical seating options, such as an additional sofa for added comfort. If space permits, consider adding one accent chair if you know it will be used. Swap out formal armchairs for seating that better matches your lifestyle and available space.

Oversized Ottomans

  • Ottomans are versatile pieces of furniture that can serve as extra seating, footrests, or even storage units. However, when they are oversized, they can take up a significant amount of space in the living room, making it feel cramped and crowded. Opting for smaller ottomans or poufs can provide the same functionality without overwhelming the room.

Large Sectional Sofas

  • Unless your living room is spacious, professional designers typically advise against oversized sectional sofas. Even though they appear cozy, L-shaped sofas occupy a lot of space, limiting movement and the arrangement of other furniture in the living room.

A single, smaller sofa and a few chairs would be preferable as they enhance the room’s flexibility and encourage social interaction.

Oversized Speakers

  • Once a symbol of advanced home technology, freestanding speakers now signal a need for a living room upgrade and modernization. Technological progress has led to speakers becoming smaller yet more powerful, often blending seamlessly into your living space at minimal cost.

As you revamp your media unit, swap out oversized speakers. This is a simple yet effective way to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your living room.

Multiple Accent Tables

  • furniture items to remove for more spaceAccent tables are useful for placing drinks, books, or decor items within reach of seating areas. However, having too many accent tables scattered around the living room can create visual clutter and obstruct pathways.

Limiting the number of accent tables to one or two and strategically placing them can maintain functionality without sacrificing space.

Heavy, Ornate Bookshelves

  • Bookshelves are practical for storing books, displaying decor, and organizing belongings. However, heavy or ornate bookshelves can dominate the room visually and physically, especially in smaller living rooms.

Opting for lighter and more minimalist designs can help prevent the living room from feeling overwhelmed and cramped while still providing storage and display space.

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