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Endless Shades of Gray

The gray trend is one that still going strong! Typically, we see color trends stick for about 10 years, or so and shortly after consumers are ready to move on to a new color. As I discussed with my Sherwin-Williams Rep, gray is not going anywhere! So, why is the gray trend so popular? Gray is versatile, it can be a warm, and a cool color. Gray is also considered a natural, so it’s both easy to live with and goes well with everything. It has stable and even soothing effects on those who choose to surround themselves by it. It’s also sophisticated, adding drama when applied in deeper shades, but it can also be light and airy when used in the lightest of shades.

When a client calls me for a color consultation, it’s usually because they are having a hard time transitioning to a new color palette. As a certified color expert, I use a 6- step color read process to identify the ideal color palette for my client’s home, or office. Not every job is a massive renovation, and often as a designer I am asked to work with some of the existing finishes in the space. Color matching is a bit tricky, but I coordinate great color palettes for my clients all the time.

Many of my clients are transitioning from browns/beiges, and into cooler grays. 10+ years ago we surrounded our spaces with rich browns and beiges. Many of the finishes from trends a while back, have different undertones which will conflict with the colors you’d be selecting today. Now, this is not an aging problem related to your space. This is true of all color. Color is available in a vast array of tones and shades, and that’s why color is so awesome, but the unlimited selection can be overwhelming, and confusing. So, the real problem homeowners are facing today, is how to update their space utilizing finishes with different tonalities, and incorporating colors of currents trends.

To the untrained eye, it’s easy to overlook the undertones making up that specific color you are being drawn to. You see a color chip at the paint store, you like it, and you bring it home. Then you see something is NOT quite right. Next thing you know, you are spending more time and money at the paint store because you can’t get the right “shade” that works with your space. Color is complicated!

Undertones vary in complexity, some are yellow, green, brown, and even pink. How do you pair an existing color palette that is warmer when you are looking at new trends that are more geared to a cooler spectrum? There is some science to this believe it, or not.

I don’t think you have to do a huge overhaul if you don’t want to, or are not ready to make that kind of an investment. Stick with the “Greige”! The greige are warmer grays. They lean more towards beige, but have enough warmth so that you can pair them up with your existing space and furniture.

Don’t do this alone, call us for your next color project! Head on over to www.houseandharmony.com and schedule a free 30 minute call today!

Are you thinking about painting your space, here are some of my favorite Greige colors from Sherwin-Williams.

I hope you have found this helpful. If you have a design dilemma, send me an email, maybe we have the answer for you! info@houseandharmony.com

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