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Full service interior design

“Every home has its own pulse. If you live in it for a while, it will tell you what it wants to be.”

You feel your home is missing something, and are ready for a refresh in your space.

You have now started your search for professional interior designer, and you are now wondering what kind of design service will work best for you. If you are a busy person, or wanting a more customized look for your space, and not wanting the commitments of managing every detail of your decorating project, then full service design may be the best option for you.

You are probably wondering why you should hire an interior designer. It’s easy to fall for a romanticized idea, created by HGTV, that all home decorating projects are peaches and cream, when in reality a home project can quickly go awry without a plan, or an established process. This can cause and avalanche of events that can be costly in time and money. Most of the complaints I hear from clients after they call me with a project that went wrong, is they spent far more money than what they had initially anticipated. Additionally, going at it alone can add so much stress to your already busy life, and forget all the time you will wasted, running around from store to store, showroom to showroom to only end up empty handed, and still with no direction to follow to complete your project.

How can you avoid walking into nightmare like this, you might ask? Go with a full service interior design package. It will alleviate a multitude of headaches and create a beautifully customized space you will love to enjoy for many years to come.

Full service interior design is when you work with an interior designer, and their team manages your project from beginning to end.

Full service is not for everyone, it requires a slightly higher investment than other design packages. Other design packages demand the homeowner to be in charge of every detail with their home project. When you go with full service design you are essentially delegating your project to a team of professional designers and their trades team. They all work together for you, following a design plan to ensure the finished product is a cohesive look and feel. The benefits of a full service package outweighs the investment cost. The outcome is a turnkey ready space that is magazine-worthy!

You will get to turn all the heavy lifting to me. I’ll take care of your project from start to finish. You get peace of mind the project will be done right the first time!

I will create a thought-out concept that is both beautiful and functional to meet your daily lifestyle needs.

I will specify every surface in your space, from millwork, wallpaper, flooring, trim and window treatments. Your space will be treated as whole, and not by piecework.

Furnishings, art and accessories selected for your project are one of a kind pieces, either customized for your space, or carefully curated just for your design, creating unique and personal environment for each client.

Every trade is a professional in my team, and will serve your project efficiently and purposely, performing their task seamlessly to avoid time delays and disruptions with your project. This is a big piece, managing trades can be huge time waster, and if you don’t have the right people for the job, you can waste a lot of time and money.

I specify all the furnishing pieces going into the space, work with procuring each item and coordinate these deliveries. Placing orders, tracking deliveries, filing claims when something arrives broken, is all part of this package.

I will coordinate and manage all the trades for installations. I will oversee the full and final installation for a turnkey ready experience, and create a styled environment that will be magazine- worthy. (This is when all the furniture, art and accessories arrive and go into place in your home. You go out for the day and return to a completed picture perfect space).

As you can see, full service design is not for everyone. There are no surprises here- when you go with a full service package you have to pay for the designer fees to make all this magic happen, and have an investment amount set aside for your furnishings.

Full service design is an investment, but investing in your home, your sanctuary, is the best investment you will ever make, and your investment is totally worth doing it right the first time!

Claudia Davis | Owner, Interior Designer | House and Harmony Design Studio

Claudia Davis is a native of San Diego, California, and longtime resident of the beautiful coastal community of Carlsbad. She created House and Harmony with the desire to make interior design services more accessible. She loves to create functional and stylish, practical and luxurious spaces.

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